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Wearamon - Pet Sim

Monster Taming JRPG

Hatch, raise, train, evolve

The very first cross-compatible game made to work on your WearOS smartwatch and Mobile phones. Hatch monsters from an egg. Raise them, care for them, train/evolve them.



Google Play / Wear OS

Start your adventure by helping your Wearamon hatch from its egg. Be there during its first meal and even help it learn to protect itself and fight. Build a farm to raise even more Wearamon and grow your collection!


  • Pet Simulation / RPG

  • Collect, hatch, Train, Evolve

  • Care for you Wearamon, Keep them well fed, find their favorite food, pet them, clean them, train them and more!

  • Battle other Wearamon 2v2 real time skill based battles

  • 30+ Unique Wearamon to hatch and evolve

  • Each with upgradable unique skills. Use your wit and finger speed to complete the combo to gain EXP. 

  • Unlock your trainer potential by building, upgrading and decorating your own farm. 

  • Hatch your Wearamon from an Egg, make sure they stay warm until it's hatching time. 

  • Real time day and night cycles. Each Wearamon has a different sleep cycle, strength and weakness.  

  • No more simple leveling. Keep your Wearamons stats up daily or see their stats suffer when evolving. Didn't feed them enough? Its stamina will suffer. Had a late night partying in the Home Tree? It won't have the energy to fight or train later. Are they day Wearamon? a fight against night Wearamon will be terribly hard but against Crepescular will be a cinch. 

  • Had enough fighting or petting? Craft items to decorate your home tree!

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