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Monster Taming JRPG

Coming Soon - Demo Available

Monster Taming + Farm SIM? yes please.

A unique blend of Monster Taming and Farm Simulation. Capture powerful Chronomons to assist on the farm, while rebuilding towns, forming alliances, and navigating dynamic day-night cycles and NPC schedules. 

  • Branching storylines and quests

  • Over 100 Monsters - Ready to upgrade, level and evolve

  • Rare unique monsters with different visuals

  • Diverse passive skill trees to level up

  • Huge open world in beautiful pixel art

  • Cloud Save - Multi Platform (PC/Mobile/Console/Smartwatch)

  • Crafting and Building - Decorate your farm and house

  • Relaxation - Fishing

  • Interact with everything in game from trash cans to fridges

  • NPC scheduling - Day Night cycles

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