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Chronomon - Time Monsters

Monster Taming JRPG

Coming Soon

Catch, Train and Evolve monsters on your wrist

The very first cross-compatible game made to work on your WearOS smartwatch, Mobile phone AND PC (Steam). Capture monsters, unlock diverse skill trees, level and evolve them. Put together a team of 6 to traverse the branching storyline from any device all in cute pixel 

Coming soon to Kickstarter

  • Branching storylines and quests

  • Over 100 Monsters - Ready to upgrade, level and evolve

  • Rare unique monsters with different visuals

  • Diverse skill trees to level up

  • Huge open world in beautiful pixel art

  • 1 vs 1 strategic turn based battles

  • 3 Day time questlines - Groundhog day until you beat the legendary

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