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Unity3D to Wear OS Tutorial - Part 2


In the last blog I believe I failed to mention how to create a signed APK in order to create a proper gradle build, chances are if you made it Android Studio that you figured that one out yourself. In any case, to be thorough I will go ahead and cover it. In Unity, head over to the Player Settings and open up the Publishing Settings menu. (Edit - Project Settings - Player - Publishing Settings). Tic the (Create a new keystore) button, type in your password/confirm and click on (Browse keystore).

Go ahead and save the keystore but be sure to keep this in a safe place that you wont forget, you will need it later when creating a signed APK. Directly after this, click the (Alias) button at the bottom of the Player Settings and choose (Create a new key). If you don't do it right afterwards, you will have to restart the tiny process.

The next window that you receive needs at the very least the Alias, Password, Confirm and Organization filled out. Make up a relevant or fun name for the Alias. The password you used in the previous section and if you followed along before your Organization should be filled out.


You now have a keystore! Be sure to go back to the Player Settings menu and assign the Alias key and set the password or Unity won't let you build the necessary APK gradle build.

Ok now that those specifics are taken care of let's move on to modifying the Android Studio part then off to publishing your very own Android Wear Unity game! If you need to create the APK (build) follow along with the last blog.

For those of you waiting on how to fix:

  • Screen Orientation

  • Swipe To dismiss

Just a little while longer but if you you would like to follow along with the original creators check out...

The will show you exactly what to do to initialize screen detection. I will cover this later but for now it's bedtime. AND...

Thanks again for supporting Stone Golem Studios! Check out our games and like our Facebook page =)

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